Your kick, our drive!

Do’s and don’ts

Our scooters are perfect to train your condition. Step by step you can reach your goal by kicking on your own level and in your own area. With a scooter you can kick to enlarge your mobility, sport recreational or even on competition level. Beneath you can find all sorts of useful hints before you experience kicking by yourself.

The perfect kick

Probably the most useful thing to know before you start: The starting point of kicking on a scooter is being relaxed: hold the handle-bar in a loose way and kick relaxed. Because of this you prevent to tighten your muscles unnecessary. Finish your kick and let your leg swing to the back and to the front with a relaxed light bended knee. If you want to speed up, you should kick more frequently or use a shorter kick when you go up!

Alternating legs

During kicking we advise to alternate your leg frequently, so that the leg you are standing on does not get injured. The best is to alternate legs after 8 till 12 kicks. When you start please take time to get used to alternating the legs. Most footboards are quite tight, but take your time to get used to it.

Always put your foot straight on the footboard (1). Start with moving the toes of your right foot to the side (2), now there is space to put your left foot on the footboard. Put the toes of the left foot on the footboard (3). Move your right foot from the footboard (4). Complete moving your left foot on the footboard in the straight position (5). Now you can start kicking with the right foot.

After 8-12 kicks you can start alternating foots again!


when riding in the mountains or with a lot of wind ahead alternate feet after 5 times.


When riding in mountains you will have to face the hard times going uphill. But once you are on top the downhill looks promissing 😉 When going down, Always wear a helmet and gloves. Watch the safety of yourself, check the breaks before going down. Also keep standing in the normal position to keep enough power on the handlebar. Do not squat your legs. Keep them straight!


Easy, Always wear a helmet and use lights front and rear.

Tours, how long?

Most people using scooters are people who want to keep in shape, feel fit and enjoy nature. It’s lovely to ride one hour, escape from the daily things and after 45 minutes or even more you will get the feeling you are ready for a shower. Most of these tours are between 15 and 30 km (10-20 miles), but some people even take more time and drive for hours. You can deside yourself! If you like to join a group or even participate in organised tours or races? In several countries there are scooter-organisations.

Where can I try before I buy?

You can sometimes rent a scooter at bikeshops or rental companies. If you want to buy a scooter there are hundreds of models. All brands are solid and have nice scooters but the small differences between models makes the ride different, so please try before you buy. There are specialized scooter shops in Europe, it’s worth visiting such a shop before you make a final decision. Contact us when you are looking for a shop in your area.


We want to tell you some side effects: good condition, health upgrade, suprised spectators on the sidewalk…
It’s like a healthy addiction. You are warned before you start Kicking 😉