Your kick, our drive!

Conscious Trading



We have started our company in 1999 as an idealistic/commercial company with the aim to encourage people to enjoy kicking as much as we do ourselves. Kicking is good for your body and refreshes your mind and besides that, it’s very environmental friendly, because you are the motor! Since we are founded, we have been operating to become conscious about trading, our symbol to make this clear is our green company logo. We made a list about our input to a steady environment.


  1. We use Solar panels for self-sufficiency in our electricity consumption. We heat our offices with a HR-eco-boiler endowed with ‘Green Ecogas’. Since 1999 we use ‘ecopower’ in our offices and our storages only during winter and less sunny days.
  2. We try to minimize the use of our company van. We combine the trips we make. Our team uses bike, scooter and public transport to go to work. When it comes to transport, our shippers ‘Mainfreight’ and ‘CTT’ have the Dutch ‘lean and green award’ (conscious transport).
  3. We try to get lot’s of things as local as possible. But when we get things overseas these new scooters come by seacontainer in a barge from the Port of Rotterdam. This relieves the Dutch highways since transfer by boat is less damaging for the environment. Shipping  and delivery of pallets takes place just 3 times a week to concentrate transport.
  4. We re-use 99% our incoming packaging material like wrapping foil and carton. With new shipments we re-use it as packaging material. We pack our scooters in strong boxes as small as possible, it saves space during tranport and strong boxes can be re-used and save damages on the product. We charge returns (no free shipping) so customers are serious and sure before they order.
  5. All of our scooters are free of CO2 while using them. We charge our electric scooters with green energy of our solar panels.
  6. Our scooters do not contain any damaging materials. All scooters settle to the newest European guide. The outer covers, grips and other synthetic components are free from the damaging materials PAH and phthalates. All scooters are wrapped in boxes made of 100% unbleached recovery paper.
  7. We only use LED light to lighten our storages, offices and workshop. During intermissions our automatic sensors turn of all the lights in the storages, workshop and toilets….
  8. We like to stimulate our suppliers and producers to ‘think green’ at the business process. Also we have the goal with our suppliers for 2024 not have any plastics inside our scooterboxes, only re-used cardboard.
  9. Over 20 years, we apply corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  10. We ship our invoices by pdf as e-account. Besides that all of our printed matter is made of 100% recovery paper or FSC-wood and is free from optical bleach. We think a ‘green’ company is the standard, so we also hope to inspire our colleague-companies and customers to think and trade green.

Perhaps nice to know: in our company, we work together with an organization for young people with a mental disability. We let them (un)box, assemble and repair scooters. We work with them because we like to give them an opportunity to learn and discover new things. Business is not only about making profit but also about helping each other and working together, that’s our ‘drive’.