Your kick, our drive!

Dog scooters

Time to get out, together with your dog and your scooter, fun for the two of you! We have several dogscooter models, easy riding with your buddy on the side or pulling the scooter in front of you. Take your time to inform yourself which scooter fits your goal and fits your dog.
A normal touringscooter is great for dogs who walk aside of you. Typical dogscooters with big profiletyres suit the pulling dogs like husky-dogs.

For both we always tell the owner first to get to know the scooter yourself before you will ride with the dog.
Several brands make good dog scooters, we stock several dogscooters from these brands: Kickbike, YEDOO, Crussis and MIBO.

Watch  for our scooters, Dogs can watch too 😉